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History of Green Mountain Post No. 1
St Albans, Vermont
Dedicated to the Memory of Our Departed Comrades
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issued in 1919 authorizing Green Mountain Post #1
  n the early days of Legion history while the war was still fresh in the minds and thoughts of those who served their
country during the emergency, returning veterans were quite apt to cling to friendships and associations formed
during their period of war service and to be fiercely loyal to their war time and in some cases pre-war outfits.

This is quite understandable and was a natural result of the veteran having been inculcated with the deep sense of
wartime morale and esprit-de-corps. It was undoubtedly mainly due to these reasons that two distinct and separate
posts of The American Legion were organized in St. Albans. One was named the J. Gregory Smith Post and had as
its nucleus most of the members of old B-Company of the Vermont National Guard. The late Seldon S. Watson was
elected and served as its Post Commander. The other was named Xivray Marvoisin and was comprised for the most
part of the former members of the original Machine Gun Company of the Vermont National Guard. The late J. A.
Evarts was elected and served as its Post Commander.

Both of these outfits had a fine and enviable military record and were naturally anxious to maintain their identity in
the ranks of the Legion. Each Post started auspiciously with an enthused membership and under able leadership. A
friendly but nonetheless spirited rivalry sprang up as each Post inaugurated a lively campaign to enroll the large body
of returning veterans - who had no military connection with either organization – in order to increase their
membership and enhance their prestige in the affairs of the department. It soon became apparent however that
St. Albans was too small to support two Posts of The American Legion; consequently the wiser heads of each Post
got together and decided to do something about it. After many preliminary meetings many of the small differences
had been smoothed out and it was decided to bring both Posts together to see if a merger could be effected. A
history making meeting was held, attended by a large representation of each Post and after a long, heated, but
friendly discussion it was finally decided that for the best interest of all concerned and for the good of the Legion in
general that each Post should relinquish its charter and consolidate their interests and activities into one united Post.
As a result of this meeting there emerged an organization, that from its very inception was destined to become one
of the largest, best known and most active Posts in the Department of Vermont; a Post that from its very start and
down through the years to the present time has always been in the forefront in fighting Legion battles and making
Legion history – GREEN MOUNTAIN POST NO. 1, The American Legion, Department of Vermont.
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