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Green Mountain Post1
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Green Mountain Post #1
highlights from
Oct ‘14 to Oct ‘15
Approximately 12 minutes
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Post #1 Legion Riders
May 19, 2013
Approximately 1.5 minutes
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Green Mountain Post#1
2015 Craft Show
Approximate 2 minutes
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Green Mountain Post #1
Fallen Families Ride
Approximately 13 minutes
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Iraq and Afghanistan
Veterans Thank You Event.
October 2014
Approximately 6.5 minutes
Green Mountain Post1
Just a common soldier
Please click on the picture
and enjoy this tribute to
the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines,
and Airmen who have given
so much for our country.
Vietnam - 50 years
Click on this picture to watch a
stirring video narrated by Sam Elliot.
To all Vietnam Veterans,
“Welcome home and thank you
for your service to our country”
Ask yourself, how many of the few surviving WWII veterans kept
themselves and their uniform in such good condition for over 70
years and can still proudly wear it?

Notice his superb delivery, no tele-prompter, no script.  Just a
91-year-old fighter pilot representing the greatest generation at home
and abroad who won WWII.

He has some surprises and a great take on the philosophy of life.
Enjoy the video!
The American Soldier
Toby Keith - American Soldier.mp3
Click to hear:
U.S. Armed Forces
War Dogs
The Unsung Heroes

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